1.22.21 We hope to have registration open soon and have a regular season like we all want. Please check back here, or our Facebook Page @SpokaneSouthLL Normally registration would be wide open right now and we would spend the next 6 weeks signing everyone up and get ready for some Spring baseball.  That is still the goal, but it is a little slower to start then I would have hoped.  We are in the process of getting a "return to play" protocol agreed to by the Health Department as well as awaiting a move into Phase 2 so that we can actually have games etc etc...I am confident this will happen soon.   In the meantime I am going to be asking everyone to pop into our website for up to date information and news. Any questions in the meantime please let me know by emailing me at president@spokanesouthll.com  Here's to getting kids back on the field playing this great game soon. Gordy SSLL

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